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It's amazing when a hiring official personally contacts you to say they were “blown away” by the professionalism of a résumé that was presented during an interview by a potential employee for an employment opportunity within their organization. She shared that she chose to hire the candidate because his résumé showcased all the critical elements needed to assist them in determining if he would be a tremendous asset to their organization. This was one of my long-time clients and he had nothing but high regard for the level of career successes he had achieved since we established a business relationship. She further indicated that she would like to hire me (AND DID) to do her own résumé and that she had no doubt that the final product would be a powerful self-marketing tool that articulated the value she would :bring to the table” as an executive-level member of any team.

Working with Phyllis has been an excellent and eye-opening experience. Her dogged determination to present you in the best possible light is achieved through constant communication and hard questions. She really makes you think and delves deeply into you - as a person, your career, and your accomplishments. When she is done, and you see your final resume, it makes you wonder "Who is this person?" It is so well written and the "Best You" is clearly presented. I was so proud of ME, because I had forgotten just how amazing I was. Phyllis reminded me through my resume. Extremely impressive! I highly recommend her services. Honestly, you cannot make yourself look as good as Phyllis does!  - K. Johnson

Mrs. Houston,

With your resume assistance, I managed to make it to the final stages of the hiring process for a SIX-FIGURE within the Federal government. I have to give credit where credit is due. If not for the top notch resume you constructed on my behalf, I am not so sure I would have maneuvered as well through the Federal job apps screening gauntlet to gain an interview with a hiring manager. Thank you again for your expert advice and assistance. Feel free to use my email correspondence as part of your success story portfolio. - A. Allen

Mrs. Houston Résumé Writing Service is the best I have seen in my 30 plus years as a Marine. Sge focuses on building a business relationship and establishing a business rapport that makes her clients comfortable. This is really good for anyone who dislikes the impersonal nature of online businesses. She designs the resume to stand out and increase the client marketability. I highly recommend her to complete anyone’s resume who is seeking a career. -W. Sims 

Phyllis Houston is by far the best résumé writer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. After three years of exhaustively searching for government positions, I realized that it was my résumé that wasn’t working. I reached out to Phyllis and she was very professional. She took all of my performance evaluations from the military, my awards, and my current (but bland) résumé and created a masterpiece. My initial reaction when reading it was “Do I really do that?” 2 months after publishing the resumé that she created, I was getting job offerings from two major government organizations, one of which I’ve worked for ever since. Thank you Phyllis for kick starting my career. - M. Holmes

Mrs. Houston has been an outstanding resource helping me figure out not only what to put on my résumé but she has been instrumental in helping me figure my worth out on the open job market. Where I was underselling myself skills, knowledge and abilities Mrs. Houston was right there pointing out those skill, knowledge and abilities. She's a resource that I recommend as you are thinking about transitioning to a new position or direction with your career. 

- J. Gordon